VECoS 2020

14th International Conference on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems

Xi'an, China

26-27 October 2020

Call for Papers VECoS 2020

Xi'an, China

Welcome to VECoS 2020

VECoS 2020 will be held in 26-27 October 2020 in Xi'an, China and hosted by Xi'an University of Science and Technology (XUST).
The International Conference on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS) was created by an Euro-Med network of researchers in computer science. Its first edition VECoS 2007 took place in Algiers, VECoS 2008 in Leeds, VECoS 2009 in Rabat, VECoS 2010 in Paris, VECoS 2011 in Tunis, VECoS 2012 in Paris, VECoS 2013 in Florence, VECoS 2014 in Bejaia, VECoS 2015 in Bucharest, VECoS 2016 in Tunis, VECoS 2017 in Montreal, VECoS 2018 in Grenoble, VECoS 2019 in Porto.
The VECoS conference series focuses on the analysis of computer and communication systems, where functional and extra-functional properties are inter-related. VECoS encourages the cross-fertilization between the various formal verification and evaluation approaches, methods and techniques, especially those developed for concurrent and distributed hardware/software systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Abstraction techniques
  • Assessment for real-time systems
  • Compositional verification
  • Correct-by-construction design
  • Dependability assessment techniques
  • Discrete-event and hybrid systems Modeling and Simulation
  • Equivalence checking
  • Model-based Security assessment
  • Model-checking
  • Parameterized verification
  • Performance and robustness evaluation
  • Probabilistic verification
  • QoS evaluation, planning and deployment
  • RAMS (Reliability-Availability-Maintainability-Safety) assessment
  • Rigorous system design
  • Security protocols verification
  • Supervisory control
  • Verification & validation of IoT
  • Verification & validation of safety-critical systems
  • Worst-case execution time analysis

  • Application domains

    adaptive systems, cloud computing, communication protocols, computer graphics, computer vision, computer-supported collaborative work systems, cyber-physical systems, cybersecurity, high-performance computing, image processing, intelligent software, internet of things, logistics systems, manufacturing of the future, mobile and wireless networking, operations research, programming languages, real-time and embedded operating systems, service-oriented systems, telecommunication systems, ubiquitous systems, web services, wireless sensor networks and workflow systems.

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    VECoS 2020 carefully monitors the coronavirus development. Preparations for the conference are progressing as planned and the deadline for paper submission is approaching. We can assure all authors that all accepted and registered papers will be published as planned. In the event that the development of the coronavirus would not allow some of participants/presenters to be present in person at the conference, we will provide the possibility of video/remote presentations and the possibility for replacement presenters. This will ensure that all contributions can be presented and discussed.

    Zhanli Li,
    General Chair VECoS 2020