Day 1 : October 18
9H - 9H30Welcome & Registration
9H30 - 10H00Opening Session
10H00 - 11HInvited Talk (Silvano Dal Zilio) : How to Use Polyhedral Reduction for the Verification of Petri nets.
11H - 11H30Coffe Break
11H30 - 12H30Session 1 : Formal Methods
11H30 - 12HJohan Arcile, Raymond Devillers and Hanna Klaudel. Factorization of the state space construction for cyclic systems with data
12H - 12H30Frederic Loulergue and Ali Ed-Dbali. Verified High Performance Computing with a Proof Assistant: the SyDPaCC Approach
12H30 - 14H00Lunch
14H00 - 15HInvited Talk (Antonín Kučera) : Asymptotic Analysis of Probabilistic VASS Programs.
15H00 - 17H00Session 2: Formal Verification
15H00 - 15H30Wiem Taktak, Mohamed Escheikh and Kamel Barkaoui. A QoE driven DRL approach for network slicing based on SFC orchestration in SDN/NFV enabled networks
15H30 - 16H00Coffe Break
16H00 - 16H30Samir Ouchani. An Enhanced Interface-based Probabilistic Compositional Verification Approach
16H30 - 17H00Habbachi Salwa, Imene Ben Hafaiedh, Zhiwu Li and Moez Krichen. On Language-Based Opacity Verification Problem in Discrete Event Systems Under Orwellian Observation
20H - 23HDinner
Day 2 : October 19
9H -10HInvited Talk (Ahmed Bouajjani) : On verifying concurrent programs under weakly consistent memory models.
10H00 - 12H00Session 3 : Applied formal methods
10H - 15H30Fateh Boudardara, Abderraouf Boussif and Mohamed Ghazel. A sound abstraction method towards efficient neural networks verification
10H30 - 11H00Coffe Break
11H00 - 11H30Ikram Garfatta, Nour Elhouda Souid and Kais Klai. Towards Formal Verification of Node RED-based IoT Applications
11H30 - 12H00Hugo Beguinet, Céline Chevalier, Thomas Ricosset and Hugo Senet. Formal Verification of a Post-Quantum Signal Protocol with Tamarin
12H00 - 14H00Lunch
14H-16HSession 4 : Cybersecurity and Smart Contract
14H - 14H30Abdeslam Rehaimi, Yassine Sadqi and Yassine Maleh. A Comparative Study of Online Cybersecurity Training Platforms
14H30 - 15H00Afef Jmal Maalej and Mariam Lahami. White-Box Mutation Testing of Smart Contracts : A Quick Review
15h00 - 15H30Mariem Fourati, Amel Meddeb Makhlouf and Faouzi Zarai. Blockchain-based Trust Management for IoMT Environment
15H30 - 16H00Coffe Break
16H00 - 16H30Moussa Amrani, Abdelkader Ouared and Pierre-Yves Schobbens. Command & Control in UAVs Fleets: Coordinating Drones for Ground Missions In Changing Contexts
16H30 - 17H00Closing Session